t.Lab is a high-performance learning laboratory for students in pre-kindergarten through undergraduate. One of t.Lab’s initiatives is the Drive to 25 that aims to increase the median ACT score of African American students from 16.7 (lowest in the country) to 25 (highest based on today’s benchmarks) by 2025 and direct them to STEM majors and careers. At present, African American students have the lowest secondary and post-secondary standardized test scores and measures of competence such as the ACT, SAT, MCAT, LSAT, DAT, GMAT, and GRE, among others. We found that there are strong correlations among these scores with several outcomes such as economic, health, social, and overall quality of life.

The Drive to 25 will establish a pipeline of over 250,000 African American students (and parents) and provide them with needed tutoring, coaching, and mentoring to realize the goals of the initiative.

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Additional funding will allow us to deliver to additional students.

Gaps in Participating in STEM Subjects and Discipline

Many African American students do not pursue Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) because they lack the competency and the systems to get there.

Community and Institutional Sense of Urgency

There is a lack of sense of urgency among leaders and parents regarding the problem of academic competence.


Dr. Clarence Nixon, Jr.

Founder and CEO

Dr. Gilbert Chapman

Math Director

Ireana Cook

Advanced Math Tutor

Fr. John Simoneau

English and Reading Tutor

Mayor Henry Cotton

Math Master and Governing Board Member

Mr. DJuan Thomas

English and Reading Tutor

Dr. Brenda Grover

Science Tutor

Mrs. Graziella Bruner

Foreign Language Tutor

Coach Tobi Olaitan

International Parent Committee Lead - Nigeria

Bishop Simon Monda

International Parent Committee Lead - Kenya

Mr. Gemini Agaloos

nternational Parent Committee Lead – Philippines

Michelle Braidy

Administrative Assistant

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