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Moonshot Young Leaders Camp 2023

Moonshot Young Leaders Camp 2023 was held from May 10 - 14 in Massachusetts, USA. Where up to 30 young leaders from all over the world came together for a transformative experience that fostered innovation and collaboration among diverse young leaders tackling complex global challenges. Through creating immersive classrooms inside of art galleries and museums, and enhanced by thought-provoking conversations and sensory experiences, our young leaders were able to ideate, unlock creativity, and develop their projects, that have the potential to create significant positive impact.

Moonshot Conference USA

The Future of Education

The Moonshot Conferenceis an interactive 2-hour session that brings together key change-makers to share the best practices and set a common agenda to accelerate impact in two areas in the field of education:  “Access to Quality Education” and “Advancement of Youth Mental Health”

Moonshot by Aspen Central Europe

The Future of State Administration

In order for the state administration to be ready for the challenges of the 21st century, it will have to solve unprecedentedly complex problems. These include, digitization, a change in the structure of the economy and thus the necessary investment and retraining of employees, or the aging of the population and increasing inequalities. People should have an active approach and demand personalized, simplified or automated services.

The Future of Digitalization & AI

The evolution of digitalization and AI has shown an upward trend of growth in this decade. They shape the way we live, work, and socialize. Yet, they represent massive unrealized potential because of their ongoing advancement and evolution, along with their uneven adoption across companies, sectors, and economies. Furthermore, the COVID-19 crisis has acted as a boost for AI and digitalization and created new opportunities. How will AI &  digitalization affect Czech society? How do SMEs use AI in Czechia?

The Future of Education

The future and competitiveness of the European region is closely linked to the quality and modernization of educational systems for children and adults. The pandemic has exacerbated existing problems and multiplied the need for rapid and large-scale transformation. Together with representatives and drivers of change, our speakers speakers engaged in dialogue on two areas: Leadership and Up-skilling.