Moonshot Young Leaders Camp

Holistic accelerator for the next generation of change-makers.

The camp brings together 100 young, purpose-driven leaders and expert mentors from around the globe for a transformative gathering that nurtures innovation and collaboration, all while addressing complex global challenges.
The application process for the Moonshot Young Leaders camp in the Czech Republic 2024 has now concluded, and results will be communicated by June 18, 2024.The final Moonshot Awards deadline is September 6, kindly note that the application process may close early if capacity is reached.

Benefits of attending

Alongside direct mentorship from global leaders and hands-on leadership workshops, you’ll experience a unique environment that nurtures both your project and your personal growth, setting you apart in the world of social innovation.
Transformational Growth
Empowering young leaders to unleash their potential for positive change.
Global Network
Connecting diverse minds, fostering collaboration, and creating a powerful network of changemakers.
Safe Space
Nurturing authenticity, vulnerability, and open dialogue to foster meaningful connections.
Accelerating Projects
Young leaders and CEOs team up to drive tangible change in communities worldwide.

About Camp

We've designed an immersive learning journey for young leaders and their mentors that guides you from the foundational principles of leadership through to the practical development of impactful social ventures.

By creating immersive classrooms in art galleries, museums, and festivals, we encourage thought-provoking conversations and sensory experiences that unleash the creativity of our young leaders. They passionately ideate and develop projects with the potential to effect profound positive change in their communities and beyond.

Main program activities

The camp program encompasses five distinct types of learning experiences, each tailored to different needs, talents, skills, and levels of introspection.
Thought-Provoking Seminars
Engage in circular seated discussions centered around readings from thought-provoking authors, fostering a deeper understanding of complex topics.
Embodied Leadership Workshops
Inspired by Yemi A.D.'s philosophy that "Knowledge is just a rumor until it lives in the body," these workshops integrate practical exercises that encourage leaders to embody their knowledge authentically.
Small Groups
Teams of 2-3 young leaders and a mentor collaborate to discuss their social ventures, identifying strategies to overcome obstacles they face.
Keynotes & Panels
Participate in interactive discussions at the New York stage of the Melting Pot conference, an event open to guests of the Colours of Ostrava music festival, where ideas meet diverse perspectives.
Dive into inner work with the guidance of experts in mind, body, and soul, including breath-work, sound-healing, movement, body language, and more, to align and enhance personal well-being.

Campers Speak Out

Hear directly from the last cohort of Moonshotters who convened in Massachusetts for the inaugural Moonshot Young Leaders Camp in 2023. Listen to their candid testimonials and learn about their transformative experiences.


The spaces where Moonshot hosts its learning experiences are a vital and integral part of the program's transformative effect. Each location is deliberately chosen to connect with the curriculum, creating unforgettable moments where the subject matter is not only learned but truly experienced. This immersive approach not only enriches learning but also accentuates the unique characters and values of our young participants, making each interaction profoundly personal and impactful.
Nelahozeves Castle
Lobkowicz Palace
Private learning train to Ostrava
National museum of Argiculture
NYC STAGE / Melting Pot
Colours of Ostrava Festival


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Our Young Leaders can reflect and connect with each other at this riverside retreat.

Colors of Ostrava

Our Young Leaders can reflect and connect with each other at this riverside retreat.


Moderators, who designed the curriculum, lead  thought provoking discussions in the seminar rooms and guide the cohorts through the program. 
Yemi A.D.
Founder & CEO, Moonshot Platform Inc.
Tommy Loper
Vice President Enterprise Development, The Aspen Institute
Carla Sublet
Chief Eleveation Architect, Former CMO of IBM, Board member, Henry Crown Fellow
Chris Valeras
Founding Partner at Riverwood Capital, Moonshot Board Member
Ranji Nagaswami
Chief Executive / Investment Officer at leading global asset management firms
Revealed soon


Global C-Suite leaders will mentor young social innovators, gaining insights into the significant challenges that the next generation faces. Our collective aim is to enhance leadership skills and advance their social ventures.
Jan Bednar
Shipmonk Founder & Moonshot Board Member
Alexander Braun
Managing Director, SKDK and Moonshot founding partner
Dyllon BurnSide
Storyteller, Founder of Soul Flower Estate
Yvonne Campbell
Strategic Business Development & Grantmaking Consultant
Katie Fitzgerald
Managing director of Aspen Challenge
Radhikaraje Gaekwad
Vice President Maharani Chimnabai Stree Udyogalaya, Trustee Maharaja Fatesingn Museum
Kimberly Gramm
Chief Innovation & Entrepreneur Officer, Tulane University
Jakub Havrlant
CEO, Rockaway Capital
Andrea Hoffmanová
Deputy Mayor, Ostrava City
Sean Hinton
Impact Investor, former CEO of Soros Economic Development Fund at Open Society Foundations
Bo Hopkins
Principal, Turnstone Associates, Inc.
Vít Horký
Co-Founder & General Partner, Czech Founders VC, Moonshot founding partner
Brett Howley
Associate Director, Aspen Challenge
Alissa Hsu Lynch
Health Tech Executive | Board Director, The Honest Company
Hugh Lynch
Staff Software Engineer, Google
Tatyana Mamut
Founder & CEO,
Michal Pechoucek
Global CTO of GEN & AI Professor
Andrea Piana
The Piana Group CEO
Joshin Raghubar
Chairperson at iKineo Ventures
Rashad Robinson
President, Color of Change
Shane Ryan MBE
Senior Strategy Advisor to the National lottery community fund, an international consultant
Milan Šemelák
Creator @ Stage on Mars, Marketing expert
Ondřej Šimetka
Member of the Senate of the Parliament, Head of Obstetrics and Gynecology Department
Radek Špicar
Vice President at the Confederation of Industry
Misha Votruba
Director at RSJ Gradus

How to join Moonshot Camp 2024

The application process for the Moonshot Young Leaders camp in the Czech Republic 2024 has now concluded, and results will be communicated by June 18, 2024.

Moonshot Platform is dedicated to equitable access and support, offering travel, room and board, and admission grants to cover the costs for successful applicants upon request.
Announced soon...

Our support

We help our community through the generous support of our partners and patrons.
Organized by
Česká Spořitelna
Město Ostrava
Varelas Family Foundation
Ministerstvo Dopravy České republiky
Stage on Mars
Lobkowicz Family
Aspen Institute CE
JAN Bednář
SIMONA Kijonková
Francesca Dominika Kolowrat
Sean Bielat
Pavel Steiner
Ondřej Šimetka
Michal Menšík
Marcel Soural
Jan Russ


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