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Digital movement to accelerate young emerging leaders & change-makers pursuing solutions to the 21st Century Grand Challenges!

Moonshot Impact Report
Developed a growing community of 5500 members. In 2021, more than 100 founders shared their projects!
Our partners have pledged over $25M to accelerate impact and reduce inequalities via our Moonshot Platform.
We hosted five conferences with over 650 C-level changemakers, 60 international speakers and inspired over 3M people across USA & Central Europe.

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The Moonshot Platform is a gathering space; a place of mutually beneficial exchange where we bring together leaders, partners, and supporters with aligned goals to join forces in creating massive impact through young founders' projects. We do this by drawing on the unique abilities, resources, expertise, or knowledge of each node of this massive network that make our members effective individually and powerful collectively. Only if we all join forces - too as partners and supporters for our young leaders - the impact can be profound and we can continue addressing some of the world’s biggest problems and create historic changes. Help us help the young innovators with the Moonshot ideas that move us there.


Our Mission

We aim to create a world where young ambitious citizens not only see impact and real change as an achievable goal to strive for, but are also empowered and have access to all the support they require to turn their ideas into action.

Moonshot trusts in inclusive co‑design!

Architects of the Moonshot Platform are C-Suite leaders from different corners of the world, from wide spectrum of disciplines with significant cultural and political diversity. For the years 2022 and 2023 we have invited also Avast Foundation Youth Leadership Board - group of extraordinary young founders, social entrepreneurs and activists who offer their international and multidisciplinary perspectives at key milestones in our development of the Moonshot Awards. All in respect to our principle of co-designing the platform with young people who would either benefit or suffer the consequences of today's socio-economical & environmental situation.)

Moonshot Team

Alexander Braun
Managing Director, SKDK
Vít Horký
Founder, Brand Embassy
Esther Turner
Director of Impact & Engagement, Henry Crown Fellowship
Michael Skolnik
Founding Partner
Yemi A.D.
Founder & CEO, Moonshot Platform Inc.
Yvonne Hao
Founder & Chief Sales Officer
Ruben Sigala
Chief Marketing and Analytics Officer, Well, Co
Šárka Nácovská
COO, Moonshot Platform

Avast Foundation Youth Leadership Board

Dunola Oladapo
Chair of the YLB
Joyce Danso
Hector Fuentes Curras
Lei Motilla
Palis “Fresh” Pisuttisarun
Kesevan “Kay” Veloo
Jiri Bartusek

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The Moonshot movement is global. Throughout the year, we’re hosting multiple highly interactive live streams and virtual broadcasts, inviting the most inspiring leaders, accomplished practitioners, and insightful thinkers to discuss the most pressing issues of current times.

However, the regionality is not neglected with multiple local events happening regularly. If you feel that leaders in your region need to come together in a similar forum or believe they deserve the platform to reach to a wider audience, reach out and we will help you roll out Moonshot Platform regionally.

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At Moonshot Platform we connect emerging leaders, impact hackers and other change-makers, while generating opportunities to accelerate their organisations working towards Sustainable Development Goals and social innovation to ensure more equitable society and prosperity for us all. 

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