Seaweed Culture

Seaweed Culture is using seaweed to tackle climate change. A tropical seaweed species has been identified as an opportunity to significantly reduce methane emissions by up to 95% with as little as 80g per day in ruminant livestock such as cows or sheep whilst increasing productivity by up to 20% and decreasing the cost per KG on regular feed. The livestock industry account for 14% of total greenhouse gas produced each year globally. Half of which is methane that is over 85 times more harmful than CO2. The issue is that this seaweed species isn’t currently commercial cultivated and in order to reach a scale to have the most impact on meeting Net Zero Targets novel land-based technology must be developed to address this issue. Seaweed Culture has developed novel and scalable technology to grow this tropical seaweed species at scale in a land-based system. Seaweed Culture is helping livestock farmers support the transition to Net Zero Targets and become more sustainable for the future. Helping both people and the planet by livestock farmers globally for the future.

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Raising investment

Seaweed Culture is currently raising investment to start scaling this solution. Being a first time founder raising investment can be difficult. Having support on finding investors and advice on how to effectively raise would be helpful.

Developing partnerships

Another challenge would be developing key business partnerships. As this soltuion is fairly new to the market, business partnerships would help accelerate its impact and coverage more effectively. Any support on facilitating business partnership conv

Educate people

Having the opportunity to educate people and businesses on this solution. Alot of people don't know the impact methane or cows can have so by being able to educate people on the seaweed solution we provide would help spread its coverage and understan


Luke Smith

Founder & CEO

Carl Smith


Lydia White


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