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Moonshot Awards 

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Our first ever real-life Moonshotter crew has taken off! Equipped with $100,000 in total winnings and support from the wide Moonshot Platform network, the top 6 projects are ready to disrupt the status quo and primed to tackle the most pressing SDGs.

Their names and projects were announced at the Grand Awards Ceremony in New York City in 2022. Missed it? Celebrate their achievements and future-proof yourself by reading up on them.

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At Moonshot, we connect innovators, entrepreneurs, and change-makers with the resources they need to accelerate their work, creating a brighter, more equitable future.


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There are many others on the same mission: seeking to disrupt industries, rethink what is possible, leave a dent in the universe, and create profound positive change. Get inspired; network; accelerate together.

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Get inspired for action! Watch Moonshot ideas that are designed to imagine and realize a brighter, equitable future.

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The Future of Education

We are heading to the Moon with the online Moonshot Conference, which is part of the Resnick Aspen Action Forum, and are calling you to join our mission: The Future of Education.

Fighting Inequality

We have assembled thought leaders from government, science, industry, and the arts to participate in a 2-hour interactive livestream program to spotlight innovative solutions to address THE INEQUALITY DIVIDE IN EDUCATION, ACCESS TO TECHNOLOGY and RACE DISCRIMINATION.

Moonshot Conference

The Moonshot Conferenceis an interactive 2-hour session that brings together key change-makers to share the best practices and set a common agenda to accelerate impact in two areas in the field of education:  “Access to Quality Education” and “Advancement of Youth Mental Health”

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Moonshot Platform is a movement generating opportunities for emerging leaders to inspire ideas and social impact action.

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