Unlock the power of truly accessible and diverse communication with SPOTER – the state-of-the-art automated sign language recognition system. Using AI, SPOTER converts sign language videos into text, opening the doors to direct translation apps and accessible user interfaces. True to our mission of bridging the communication gap and making sign language recognition available to all, we make our project's functionalities open-source for developers to integrate into their apps and services. Put simply, as a non-profitable research initiative first, we not only strive to produce scientific papers but also to develop actionable products that can make a real impact. SPOTER started thanks to my great research advisor and mentor, Dr. Marek Hrúz, in a small lab at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen — now it's ready to help anyone in the world.

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Czech Republic

Top Challenges

Long-term financial support

We need more long-term financial support to cover the expenses of serving our open-source customers. We depend on funding from organizations that are socially conscious and actively engaged in social issues as a crucial aspect of our operations.

Expansion of volunteers

We are looking for volunteers fluent in different sign languages and willing to test our systems for new regions to which we are expanding. These volunteers will provide feedback on both the accuracy of our models and the cultural aspects of their de

Partnerships with Tech companies

We are looking for technology companies interested in incorporating SPOTER sign language recognition into their products. We will provide full support throughout the process to ensure a smooth integration — we want to test the adoption experience and


Matyáš Boháček

Founder & Researcher

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