Moonshot Camp 2024 in Ostrava, CZ
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Accelerator for young change-makers tackling 21st Century Grand Challenges!
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What is Moonshot

We help build the young leaders who create companies that tackle sustainable development challenges to improve their communities.

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Moonshot Camp

July 15-19, 2024
Moonshot's Young Leaders camp brings together leaders and mentors from around the world to exchange ideas and perspectives and change the worls.
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Moonshot Awards

December 2024
Moonshot Awards gives access to financial and communications support to the projects and leaders who show how changing communities is possible
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Moonshot Young Leaders Camp
is about to lift off!

Moonshot Young Leaders Camp

is about to lift off!

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We're thrilled to launch our Moonshot Young Leaders Camp, which offers a holistic experience for our young leaders. Through meaningful dialogue and creative exploration, we aim to help these young leaders unlock their potential and expand their capacity to make a positive impact on our world.

We look forward to introducing you to this vibrant community of change-makers! Find out more about the inspiring individuals who will be attending our camp!

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Our Impact

Moonshot builds and supports young leaders who are tackling sustainable development challenges and improving their communities.  See what we do.
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Monetary Support
Transformational Growth
Empowering young leaders to unleash their potential for positive change.
Monetary Support
Global Network
Connecting diverse minds, fostering collaboration, and creating a powerful network of changemakers.
Monetary Support
Safe Space
Nurturing authenticity, vulnerability, and open dialogue to foster meaningful connections.
Monetary Support
Accelerate Projects
Igniting ideas that drive tangible change in communities worldwide.
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Ready to shoot for the Moon?

At Moonshot, we connect innovators, entrepreneurs, and change-makers with the resources they need to accelerate their work, creating a brighter, more equitable future.


Moonshot Projects

There are many others on the same mission: seeking to disrupt industries, rethink what is possible, leave a dent in the universe, and create profound positive change. Get inspired; network; accelerate together.

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Meet Moonshot

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Our support

We help our community through the generous support of our partners and patrons.
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Česká Spořitelna
Město Ostrava
Varelas Family Foundation
Ministerstvo Dopravy České republiky
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Stage on Mars
Lobkowicz Family
McNulty Foundation
Aspen Institute CE
JAN Bednář
SIMONA Kijonková
Francesca Dominika Kolowrat
Sean Bielat
Taavet Hinrikus
Pavel Steiner
Ondřej Šimetka
Michal Menšík
Marcel Soural
Jan Russ